Colton Dixon, now 21, was a contestant on Season 11 of American Idol.  Even with Dixon’s surprising elimination from the Top 7, he had already established his new career.  The Murfreesboro,TN native released his debut album, A Messenger on Jan. 29 of this year and his singles “You Are” and “Never Gone” have both hit #1 on the Christian charts.

As Dixon is preparing for his American Idol performance in LA, he graceiously took the time out for a BREATHEcast interview to discuss his return to the Idol stage, his quick rise in Christian music and some of his musical heros

BREATHEcast: How has The Miracle Tour been going with Third Day?

“It’s amazing.  It’s such an honor to be sharing the stage with Third Day and Josh Wilson.  I’ve been a big fan of Third Day for a long time, my dad is like a #1 fan of Third Day (laughs).  They are just all great guys who are doing the Lords work and it’s just great to be a part of it.”


BREATHEcast: What have you learned from being on the road with a veteran band like Third Day?

“A big thing for me that I’ve wanted to grow in is my articulation and speaking skills when I’m on stage.  I’m kinda weird in that I would rather sing and play piano in front of 10,000 people rather than speak in front of 10 people, thats just kinda the way I’m wired (laughs).  It’s been amazing to see how Mac can really control a crowd and get them in the right mindset, prepare them for a song or even just getting them involved with the music and clapping or whatever.  It’s been really awesome to watch them do that and I am appreciating learning from them.  It’s just one of many things that I’ve am learned while being on tour with them.”

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