The African-American Clergy Coalition, a group founded to fight the same-sex marriage bill in the General Assembly, has spent only $11,250 on radio ads, but so far, it’s been enough to keep the bill bottled up in the state House.

As Rich Miller writes in the Sun-Times,

“The pastors are doing a very good job so far of intimidating black legislators into backing away from their previous support. Their push has all but halted the momentum of gay marriage backers, who had high hopes when the state Senate approved the bill in February.”

Miller also reports that the coalition has raised $72,000, all of it from the National Organization for Marriage, which was instrumental in passing California’s Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban whose constitutionality is now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here are excerpts from the coalition’s two ads. The first is read by Bishop Lance Davis, Senior Pastor of the New Zion Christian Fellowship Church of Dolton.

I…am opposed to same-sex marriage, and you as Christians should be, too. Marriage was the first institution created by God, our creator. He tells us it’s between a man and a woman, not those of the same sex. I believe God has it right. Don’t you? So I ask you to join me…other pastors and our million-plus parishioners, and call your representatives and tell them to vote no on same-sex marriage legislation.

The second is read by Bishop Larry Trotter, Presiding prelate of the New Century Fellowship International.

I…am opposed to same-sex marriage, as you and every Christian should be. Marriage is the first institution created by our God. He tells us in the word that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and not those of the same sex. I believe that God and his word is right. Don’t you?

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