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Will Smith and son Jaden are teaming up onscreen for the first time since 2006′s The Pursuit of Happynessin the upcoming science-fiction thriller After Earth.  

Will plays Cypher Raige, a general who returns from extended duty to take care of his son Kitai, played by Jaden. Soon, an asteroid strikes the family’s aircraft and they crash-land onto a deserted and dangerous planet Earth.

The barren atmosphere is left unoccupied after a catastrophic event wiped out humanity 1,000 years ago. Now, Kitai is left to take care of his wounded father and treks across the land to prove his strength and ability to dad.

Zoe Kravitz joins the real-life father and son duo in the movie while Will is also acting as the film’s producer and co-writer.

The likely blockbuster is set to be released on June 7th.

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