CLEVELAND – After being held captive for 10 years in Cleveland, Gina DeJesus is back home with her family. Gina arrived to her west side Cleveland home at 2:42 p.m. to a cheering crowd of hundreds lining the streets.

Her homecoming was emotional to say the least.

Gina’s father, Felix DeJesus, hugged family and friends while pumping his fists with a huge smile across his face. Moments later, Gina exited the van she was escorted home in and gave a thumbs up to the crowd as she walked inside, wrapped tightly in a family member’s arms.

“Do not go retaliate against the family and suspect of this crime,” said Sandra Ruiz, Gina’s aunt. “Because we are all God’s family, we forgive them (Ariel Castro, Pedro Castro, Onil Castro). But we won’t forget. They will have to respond to the high and mighty.”

Sandra asked the media to support the family by “giving us time and privacy to heal. When we’re ready, we will talk to you…There are not enough words to say or express how we feel about the return of Gina and Amanda and Michelle.”

Nancy thanked the men who helped Amanda Berry escape and praised Berry for her courage. “Because of that, these three young women are at home.”

“I have a high and mighty God to give me the strength to fight and see this day,” said Felix. “Too many kids these days come up missing. We always ask the question, how come I didn’t see it? Why? Because we chose not to. As a community, you have to come out and watch the kids, even though you aren’t their parent.”

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