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The Katina’s, a group of five Samoa brothers that have been traveling the world sharing their music and blessing fans for years, have released their latest album Love Chapter.

The Christian band has been singing since they were kids and have continued to experience their musical charm with the nation since then. The Katina’s were originally signed with Gotee records, but have not renewed their contract.

The Katinas have released over 16 albums under labels and independantly. The now, Nashville home based band, has been promoting their new album while going on tour across the country.

The band will be playing at local churches, and concert venues sharing their Faith with fans and trying to inspire people of all ages. With todays ever changing music industry, the bands 21 year stretch is very far from ending.”I say this with the utmost humility, I know that its been nothing short of God’s grace that we’re actually together and doing this full time.

Its actually pretty mind-boggling. We’ve seen so many things come and go in 21 years, and yet, some days, it all feels like it was just yesterday.” stated The Katinas.

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