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Gospel singer and pastor Deitrick Haddon chatted with The Christian Post about the release of his 12th studio album, R.E.D.: Restoring Everything Damaged, and its first single “Have Your Way.”

Haddon also spoke on his message for the new album along with his new show “Preachers of LA,” where his goal is to stop people from thinking that ministers are perfect people.

The Christian Post: Your newest single is “Have Your Way.” Can you tell the readers about the meaning of the song?

Deitrick Haddon: “Have Your Way” is a real song. [It’s] birthed from a real place because I was in a place when I wrote the song that I needed direction from the Lord because I was lost. I’m a guy who is very sure of himself. I know the Lord. I’ve been preaching since I’m 11 years old, and singing and ministering music in my church since I’m 16. I’ve dedicated my entire life to winning souls.

Real life happened to me. I don’t care how great you are, and how many scriptures you can quote, and how anointed you feel like you are, life will happen to us all … I really needed help. A producer by the name of Tub Young sent me the song [and it] was very soulful. The drums at the beginning sounded like a heartbeat, and when I heard it the lyrics just began to flow.

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