via BCNN1/CBN: The question is are we safe when we go to our areas of worship? Last Sunday in Texas a gunman opened fire inside of the church and killed 3 people including a Deacon of the church before the security team shot the gunman. So now this is a debate across the country..Should there […]

via CNN: Cardi B recently met with Presidential Canidate Bernie Sanders to talk about and other subjects. The Main topic of discussion was the minimum wage and how its affecting families across the country. CLICK HERE to read story

via eurweb: The name Muhammad Ali is synonymous with confidence and candor. This 1974 clip of “The Mike Douglas Show” illustrates just how Ali earned that reputation. The video gives us a rare glimpse of Sly Stone, of Sly and The Family Stone, expressing his thoughts on race relations and politics. The video opens with Mike Douglas asking Ali whether […]

via TheChristianPost/Jeannie Law,: “The Real” co-hosts shared their views on whether it’s OK to watch church services online or best to attend services in-person during a recent episode of the daytime talk show. The internet has made it possible for pastors to share the Gospel beyond the four walls of the church. But some believe […]

via Joy105: Gizelle Bryant hit the Wendy Williams couch today! It was quite interesting how Wendy used Dr, Jamal Bryant as a calling card today. There is enough gossip and juice going on at The Real Housewives Of Potomac that I don’t see where he was needed as a point of conversation. Wendy deliberately asked […]

via BCNN1/ Reach Records released a video a few days ago with a discussion group focused on the perseverance-through-pain concept of Never Fold by Tedashii. With multiple deaths in his family, Tedashii has had his fair share of trials. Sam Collier, the host of the podcast “The Greater Story,” came to lead the discussion. Lecrae, music industry veteran Shanti […]

via BCNN1/TheChristianPost: Let me begin by saying that I know and appreciate many women who have been recognized as pastors. They are diligent, steadfast, and hard-working. Our country has done a great disservice to women over the years by not elevating and supporting women in roles of leadership. Alexander Strauch echoes this same concern, “In […]

via TheChristianPost: “The Pastor’s Wife” It’s how most people introduce me.  Some have asked if that bothers me? I lean toward taking it as a compliment.  Yes, I am my own person, and have my own identity. However, I learned long ago that my true identity is found in Christ… and Christ has called me […]

via theundefeated: Cedric Jackson knows firsthand the impact that regular exposure to a positive black man can have on impressionable students — especially young black boys. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, he was one of them, yearning to connect with male role models. After the death of Jackson’s mother when he was 8, his father […]

via BCNN1: Over the past several years, much has been made about the decline of church attendance in the United States, even among those who self-identify as Christian. “It’s no longer obvious to many people why church should play a significant role in their lives,” said Andrew Arndt, a teaching pastor at the Colorado Springs, […]

via BCNN1: Before he was accused of shooting and killing two black people in a Kentucky grocery store last week, Gregory Bush knocked on the door of a predominantly African-American church. It was 2:44 on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, a day when many churches have midweek services. About 70 people had been inside First Baptist […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: Today’s teens are always on their smartphones, many check social media “constantly” and prefer texting over face-to-face communication. But a new poll finds that these same teens also say that social media has a positive effect on their lives, helping them feel more confident, less lonely and less depressed. The poll was released […]