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Last week a story was released by Mr. Obnoxious concerning Bishop Paul S. Morton. The short of the story is there is a 40 year old woman that states that Bishop Morton is her father from a previous relationship BEFORE he was married to Dr. Debra B. Morton. The young lady allegedly decided to go public because she wants a relationship with Bishop Morton… Bishop Paul S. Morton’s office released this statement yesterday Sunday, June 21, 2013:


Bishop Paul Morton Statement on Paternity Story

ATLANTA, GA (June 21, 2013) – Being a man of integrity and honor, Bishop Paul S. Morton is publicly addressing a story being circulated about a previous relationship that occurred prior to his marriage to Dr. Debra B. Morton.

Bishop Morton has always strived to live a life that would be pleasing to God. As most of us that have lived any length of time, he has experienced some highs and some lows and the aforementioned relationship is one of them.

“I wish I could tell you that I did right all my life, but I can’t. I have made some major mistakes and this is one of them.”

While in his early 20’s, prior to Pastoring and being married, he did have a very short-lived relationship with a Ms. Elaine Hawkins. A few months after the relationship, she informed him she was expecting a child.

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