The hostage standoff in St. Joseph, Louisiana, has ended with the hostage-taker dead, police said.

Louisiana State Police shot and killed Fuaed Abdo Ahmed as they stormed the Tensas State Bank, just before midnight local time, according to Col. Michael Edmonson. He said the gunman had threatened to kill the hostages.

The two hostages — a man and a woman — were both shot by Ahmed as the police SWAT team entered the bank, Edmonson said.

They were rushed to local hospitals with bullet wounds to their upper bodies, Edmonson said. Both were listed in critical condition.

“We’re going to pray hard that these individuals make it,” Edmonson said.

Police said Ahmed was known to police, and Edmonson described him as a paranoid schizophrenic. Ahmed told hostage negotiators that he heard voices and wanted to have a device removed from his head.

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