In the search for a kidnapping suspect and his victim, Sunday night 35-year-old Derrick Hudson’s aunt spoke with NewsChannel5 pleading for him to let 35-year-old Kenya Pierce go.

“Please turn yourself in and please let Kenya come back to her little boy – because she needs him and he really needs her,” said Ethel Munds, “He’s four-years-old and he’s going to be lost without his mom. You have a son yourself so you wouldn’t want nobody to do this to your son, take your son away from his mother. So please.”

Munds said this looking directly into NewsChannel5’s camera, speaking directly to her nephew outside of MetroHealth Medical Center Sunday.

She sat in a wheelchair while doing so, still in pain from the injuries of a gunshot to her right thigh. Her nephew, Derrick Hudson, shot her there and twice in the breast she said.

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