Of all the hundreds of worship albums released each year, Matt Redman’s usually tops the list of many fans and critics alike.  While many albums have come and have gone over the last year or so, Matt Redman’s over a year-old “10,000 Reasons” is still lingering in the top 10 territory on iTunes’ Christian chart.

Further, a year after its release, many churches are still circulating on heavy rotation the single “10,000 Reasons” in their worship repertoire.  According to Matt Redman, two alliterated factors are contributive to his patented sound: his songs are conterminously devotional as well as descriptive.  Some songs are so descriptive with theologically erudition that they feel more like a muddy essay written by a first year seminary student rather than something congregants can sing to.  Then you have the other extreme where worship songs are so devotionally syrupy that they sound more like bimbo-minded love songs devoid of any theological depth.

The worship songs of Redman consist of both.  Lyrically, they are meaty with lots of Scripturally-textured insights for us to sink our teeth in.  But they are also devotional in that they avail opportunities for us to release ourselves into God’s awesome presence.  Redman’s brand new record “Your Grace Finds Me” is no exception.

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