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Markets soar but doom looms: The markets are at an all-time high. But the world’s largest economy might still grind to a halt. Why? Because lawmakers are battling over money and Obamacare. How many times have we seen this storyline play out? The GOP-led House pushes a plan that the Democrats hate. The Democratic-led Senate counters with a plan the Republicans hate. Threats and filibusters follow, while President Obama waves his veto pen in the air. Stalemate! Remember the debt ceiling brawl of 2011? That one hurt our credit rating. Remember the debt ceiling fight earlier this year? Remember sequestration? Remember… OK, you get the point. It’s happening – again. The money runs out at the end of the month. In exchange for more funding, Republicans are demanding changes. Especially changes to Obamacare. Obama says “No way.” While they kick plans back and forth like a football in Congress, the clock’s ticking.


Mud, rust and mystery:  It may be years before we learn the IDs of the six bodies found inside two cars buried at the bottom of Foss Lake. But boy, has it got folks in western Oklahoma talking. One woman says her grandfather was in the 1952 Chevy. The man, then 69, was last seen driving his green Chevy with his brother and a friend on April 8, 1969. They all went missing. Others say a group of teens was in the 1969 Camaro. Three teens, who were seen driving in a Camaro in the area, disappeared in 1970. Now, those cold cases are warming up. But we’ll just have to be patient for a good bit longer.

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