This insane leap into the abyss: When Genevieve Jeuck and Michael Sallemi came up with their romantic little idea, it seemed perfect. They’d get married in early October on the rim of the Grand Canyon, just as the cool autumn winds were starting to blow. With family and friends standing by, they’d pledge their love to each other. Cue the rainbow, and the cry of the circling eagle. Then their uncle showed up. Uncle Sam, that is. And everything went to hell. The government shutdown put the canyon off limits, and their plans on ice. Today’s the second full day of this mess – and our bickering lawmakers are still talking past each other without actually talking to each other.



Oh, the irony:  Technology did what House Republicans couldn’t – Slow down Obamacare. The doors flung open yesterday morning on the new marketplace where Americans could sign up for health insurance. But within minutes, THUD! The websites, both state and federal ones were overwhelmed by heavy traffic, and kept returning an error message.

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