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 If you’re reading this article then you are about to get a glimpse of the future… the future of choir music that is.  The multi-gifted Deitrick Haddon is at the helm of a new choir out of Los Angeles, the League of Xtraordinary Worshippers (LXW) poised to make a big impact on the series premiere of Preachers of LA reality series.

You might be asking “Who is LXW”?  According to Haddon, the 100-member choir is comprised of vibrant, energetic young artists who have a passion to present the Gospel in a contemporary way. 

When he first decided to form this group, Deitrick wanted to pick a name that would not only distinguish them from other choirs but would also provide insight into what the group is all about.  His inspiration came from an unlikely source, a comic book.

“I was thinking towards the avenue of the justice league but a choir version! Action heroes for Christ! Then it just came to me one day, League of Xtraordinary Worshippers and it stuck! … an elite group of young people fighting everyday battles in their own lives, while serving and protecting their fellow brothers & sisters in Christ. You have to be called to do such a task as these young adults!” said Haddon.

Buzz has been surrounding the choir since first appearing in Deitrick’s “Church Rock” video.  The group continues to amass a burgeoning fanbase via social media, particularly YouTube. 

Earlier this year, LXW completed their first live recording which is featured during the premiere episode of Preachers of L.A.   Their debut project will be available in 2014 on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.  

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