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Well…the wait is over! Preacher’s of LA has now premiered, even though many viewed it online before last night. We watched social media last night and it was just what we knew would happen… POLA was trending on Twitter and blowing up on FB! Of course, there were many, many, many opinions, but the bottom line is the show has captivated the attention of the world!

There were opinions flying from all sides secular, Christian, Buddhist and beyond nevertheless the people were glued to their TV! The show captured world attention now the question is… did God get the glory?!

This interview clip with Bishop Noel Jones seems to be getting as much attention! He is very direct concerning his take on the down low subject in the church. We should understand that in the church the down low is men and women hiding their real sexuality from those they worship with or preach too! Bishop Jones is very direct on how he feels the church is handling this, “epidemic”.

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