For all those who portray single women as depressed, downtrodden and desperate for a man, Christian Contemporary recording artist Mandisa Hundley, 37, has a rebuttal: you’re wrong.

In an Oct. 24 tweet, she wrote, “Singleness is not a disease that needs a cure,” adding, “Paul saw it as a gift. So do I.”

The single and satisfied “Overcomer” songstress referenced a scripture to support her perspective taken from 1 Corinthians 7:7 in “the Voice” translation.

“I wish that all of you could live as I do, unmarried. But the truth is all people are different, each gifted by God in various and dissimilar ways,” wrote Paul.

For some who may be wondering if the Apostle’s message stands in opposition to what Genesis 2 teaches regarding it not being good for man to be alone, explains it very well.

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