1. NSA spying

Did Obama know? That’s what many are asking, here and abroad. The revelation that the National Security Agency spied on some world leaders’ phone communications has raised so many questions. Most notably: What did President Obama know and when? U.S. leaders have said Obama didn’t know about it until recently. They say he has ordered a full review. He will make sweeping changes, they say. But that has not stopped the outrage from leaders in Europe, South America and elsewhere. And that hasn’t stopped the questions. Most notably: If the President didn’t know, why not?

2. Obamacare outage

Problem fixed: Now on to the next malfunction. The problem-plagued Obamacare website was working again Monday after falling apart Sunday. This latest disaster not only downed the already troubled federal website. It also hit state-based sites that had been working fine. It may make your eyes glaze over if we tell you the reasons for this major outage. It has to do with something called a data service hub that stopped connecting with the Obamacare website, which then disconnected with other … OK, we’ll stop. Just rest assured, officials say, this newest problem is fixed. As far as the big fix to the Obamacare website? That will come next month, the White House says.

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