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1. Dumping Biden

Obama/Clinton 2012: Well this may make for some awkward conversations in the Oval Office. The New York Times reports that President Obama’s inner circle contemplated dropping Joe Biden to help him get reelected in 2012. Not only did they think about it, they picked Hillary Clinton to replace him, the report says. The bombshell is in a new book to be released. The plan was dashed when polling showed that replacing Biden with Clinton wouldn’t have helped much, the report said. One member of that inner circle, former White House senior adviser David Plouffe, said this is hogwash. And Plouffe took time from his Halloween festivities to tweet about it. “Never any – any – consideration of VP/HRC switch,” Plouffe tweeted. “Not even entertained by the only person who mattered. Or most of us. Back to Halloween.” It is not clear if Obama knew that this may have been planned. And it’s really unclear if Biden knew. Well they do now. Awkward.


2. Mysterious death

Federal probe: Kendrick Johnson’s parents are finally getting what they want: Another investigation in their son’s mysterious death. The U.S. Attorney for the middle district of Georgia said he will look at the case. He said he is seeking the truth. That statement must be like music to the Johnson family. They say they’ve been lied to so many times since Johnson was found dead in a Georgia school gym some 10 months ago. They never bought that their son’s death was accidental like a medical examiner said. They believe he was murdered and that someone has tried to cover up evidence. Maybe this new move will get them closer to what they say they really want: the truth.

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