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Many men will tell you that they have no clue what their wives are thinking.  Is she mad?  Did I do something wrong?  What’s the big deal? What did I say? She definitely took that the wrong way. So, the real question is how do men minimize these thoughts and improve their relationships with their wives? I think it’s rather simple. Get to know a few things about her that you just might not be considering.

I certainly don’t claim to know how every woman thinks, but as a married woman with plenty of female friends, I think I can share a thing or two to help men understand their wives a little bit better and make their lives a lot happier.

A couple of weeks ago I shared nine things I think every woman should know about her husband.  From the response, it seems like the list resonated with so many of you and that’s great.  Now, it’s only right that I flip the script and share nine things I think every man should know about his wife. I hope this list helps a brother out.  Let us know what we should add to this list.

She Doesn’t Need You to Fix Everything

Men have the tendency to try and fix things when their wives are upset and share a problem. But sometimes she just needs you to listen. That’s all. Just listen.

Her Opinion Needs to Matter

Nothing aggravates a woman more than feeling like what she says doesn’t matter. You don’t have to agree with her all the time, but let her know that you hear her and what she says actually matters to you

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