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A Louisiana kidnapping victim is safe at home after her family members rescued her and

Police say Scott Thomas, 29, of Leonville, abducted his former girlfriend,Bethany Arceneaux, 29, from a daycare center where she arrived to drop off their son on Wednesday, FOX News reports.

Police say Arceneaux exited her vehicle and was confronted by Thomas who forced her into his car and drove away, leaving their 2-year-old son behind.

Derrimetria Robinson told USA Today she was standing in the doorway of her home around 5:20 p.m. Wednesday when she saw a woman, Arceneaux, drive by honking her car horn.

She said she saw the driver park at the daycare center and run to the back passenger door of her car.

“She (Arceneaux) went to the passenger side to get her baby out, and when she was doing that a white Buick pulled up behind her. She started running, and he (the driver of the car) ran behind her and he attacked her, you know, while she was holding her baby,” Robinson said.

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