ROOPERVILLE, Ga – An 8-year-old girl from Georgia has been left with severe and possibly permanent damage to her scalp after school bullies tugged at her weave over a prolonged period of time.

Aolani Dunbar, who is biracial, has natural afro-textured hair but craved long, flowing straight hair. Her maternal grandmother Dorris Bearden, who’s white, said she wanted to brush her hair like other girls at her school.

“Her hair is short and frizzy but it’s always been her dream to her to have long hair like mine,” Bearden told theGrio. “She’s a girly girl and likes to play with and brush the hair of her dolls.”

Aolani is a third-grader at Roopville Elementary School in Carroll County, a predominately white school in rural Georgia.

To make her happy Aolani’s mother and grandmother allowed her to wear a sewn-in weave attached to her natural hair. “I spoke to several cosmetologists who said it wouldn’t be a problem as long as we helped her take care of the hair,” said Bearden.

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Article and Picture Courtesy of The Grio

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