Cedar Point is one of the happiest places in Ohio. While the rides have stopped running for the year, park workers are already preparing for the next tourism season.

The screams have died down on the coasters and the “closed” sign is now up, but employees at Cedar Point say, it’s far from quiet. Park officials say now that the tourism season has passed, the real work begins.

“We start with taking all of the trains off the track. We take each car off the track and then we bring it to a storage area,” said Eric Lapp, ride maintenance manager.

That storage area is where each of the 200 ride seats are broken down one by one, and inspected.

“It’s not just turning off the key, coming back in the spring to get these coasters going!” said Lapp.

While next spring and summer is a long ways away, this week, construction is under way for two new rides set to debut in 2014.

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