cedar point

via Wkyc: Cedar Point has closed its gates for the 2019 season, which means we have to wait until next May to get our adrenaline pumping again on their record-breaking, pulse-pounding roller coasters. Although the season may be finished, park officials have an early gift for parkgoers as Cedar Point has extended their $99 bargain pricing for […]

via Wkyc: Say It Ain’t So!!  Cedar Point has dropped down to #3 in among the world’s best amusement parks by Amusement Today’s annual Golden Ticket Awards. With Dollywood climbing to the #2 spot this year, it’s the first time Cedar Point has fallen to third place since the Golden Ticket Awards began in 1998. […]

via Wkyc: Cedar Point just keeps on growing. Cedar Fair — the park’s parent company — has purchased the Sawmill Creek Resort, which sits just off Cleveland Road a few miles away from Cedar Point. Renovation plans are already underway with Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman saying the company will upgrade and modernize Sawmill Creek’s […]

via Wkyc: Cedar Point has temporarily closed its Valravn roller coaster until further notice after an incident at the park Wednesday. “Yesterday afternoon, a train on the Valravn roller coaster bumped a parked train in the loading station,” Cedar Point’s Tony Clark tells WKYC. “Guests in both trains were evaluated by the park’s First Aid […]

via News5: The world-famous, award-winning amusement park Cedar Point is open for the 2019 season and as summer approaches, you might find yourself planning a trip to Sandusky. Whether you’re traveling from another state or country, a first-time guest or just a regular at the park, there are a few things you should know before […]

via News5: Cleveland Browns players decided to take part in a Northeast Ohio tradition: spend a day at Cedar Point. Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Blake Jackson and coach Ryan Lindley took a break from training to have fun during Cedar Point’s Opening Weekend. Cedar Point and the rest of Northeast Ohio can’t wait […]

via News5: Cedar Point is officially open, marking the first day of roller coaster season! The world-famous amusement park opened its gates Saturday morning for the 2019 season. While there are no new rides this year, visitors will find new food options, including Hugo’s Italian Kitchen and BackBeatQue. Hugo’s will specialize in Italian cuisine, with […]

via Wkyc: Cedar Point is taking safety precautions to the next level. For the first time ever, Cedar Point has installed metal detectors at one of its rides — the Steel Vengeance roller coaster — to ensure all guests are following the loose article policy. “Metal detection ensures that guests secure all their articles in […]

via News5: It’s almost roller-coaster season and Cedar Point has an offer for past and present members of the United States military this season. Cedar Point’s Military Mondays deal gives free admission to all active, retired or honorably discharged military members every Monday from May 13 until September 2, 2019. The deal also gives military […]

via Wkyc: Get ready, roller coaster fans! Cedar Point is back for another season of summertime screams. Although there isn’t a new roller coaster this year, Cedar Point is offering numerous other upgrades — including two new attractions and plenty of fresh food options. Oh, and there’s that ticket upgrade that lets you cut in […]

via Wkyc: Cedar Point fans have been buzzing with anticipation for the park’s 150th season celebration next year. Rumors have ranged from new coasters to nostalgic food and characters from the past making a return. Though the park has remained tight-lipped on its plans for the year-long festivities, General Manager and Vice President Jason McClure […]

via Wkyc: As we bundle up for cold weather this weekend, here’s something that might warm you up and have you thinking spring! Cedar Point is slashing prices for a pre-season sale. The amusement park is offering its “Everyone Pays Kids Price” campaign. The discount means that a day pass only costs $45 dollars online. […]