With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, most of us bundle up and do our best to avoid being outside. But there are some like Curtis, who only wanted us to use his first name, who would be forced to live outside in the cold if it weren’t for organizations like the Salvation Army in Cleveland.

“People die out here,” says Curtis.

Curtis has been homeless for a year, but says life is looking up for him. Some others out there, not so well along on their journey.

In fact it’s not hard to drive around Cleveland and wonder about those you see – many of whom appear to be spending a good amount of time outside – moving from place to place in search of some warmth

On any given night, people like Beau Hall from the Salvation Army is out driving around along with other volunteers looking for people living on the streets that need to come in from the cold.  He says he focuses on East Cleveland because the need seems to be greater there.

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