Time flies!  It has been six months since we have compiled our last Favorite Top 15 Worship Songs.  From July until December this year, we have received and have reviewed hundreds of worship albums.  Thus, in an effort to help those leading worship resource new songs, we have decided to narrow down our Top 15 Songs again.  For a song to qualify, it needs to satisfy three criterion: first, it needs to be released any time between July to December this year.  Second, it needs to be a song written with corporate worship in mind.

15. Matt Redman “Your Grace Finds Me” from Matt Redman’s “Your Grace Finds Me”

Redman shows us why he’s a veteran when it comes to crafting worship songs.  Never one to write in the abstract, Redman allows us to see God’s grace in action through a litany of human activities.  Whether it’s in the tossing of confetti n a wedding or the silent weeping by the graveside or the endless rejoicing of the birth of a newborn, God always takes the initiative to find us with his grace.  Though grace is everywhere, it’s Redman who helps us realize its presence in both the mundane and the majestic.

14. Tamela Mann “I Can Only Imagine” from Tamela Mann’s “Best Days (Deluxe)”

We love this world — its cheap thrills and its temporary gadgets — so much that our hearts are too full for Christ.  This is why worship becomes a chore; giving to the poor becomes an exercise for the others; and church becomes secondary to our Sunday morning sleep.  Such a love for the world can only be expelled by a greater love — a greater love of being with Christ.  Worship leaders would do well to sing about the glory of being with Christ through this powerhouse ballad.  MercyMe, Wynonna Judd, Jeff Carson and many have tackled this tune before, but it’s Tamela Mann who invests her Gospel soul into it that takes us right to God’s throne.

13. Hillsong Young and Free “Alive” from Hillsong Young and Free’s “We Are Young and Free”

All the Justins and the Adeles can move aside.  One of the hottest young worship team from the Australian mega-church Hillsong has arguably the catchiest song of the year.  Yet, unlike many of their secular counterparts, “Alive” is not fluff at all.  With a galvanising dance beat and a hooky chorus, ‘Alive” speaks of Christ’s redemption wrapped with teen credit.  “Alive” is equivalent to Jesus Christ spoken of in the twitter language of hashtags, @, MT, TBH and RT.

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