Joel Osteen does not believe that churches should shy away from politics, states a source close to the best-selling author and pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Donald Iloff Jr., senior executive for Joel Osteen Ministries and brother-in-law of pastor Osteen, told The Christian Post that Osteen “doesn’t really believe” all churches should shun political matters.

“He’d never said that before and doesn’t really believe it,” said Iloff, adding that Osteen is friends with pastors like Rick Warren of Saddleback Church whose “gift [is] to be involved politically.”

Iloff told CP that he believes Osteen was speaking more “for himself” than “churches in general” regarding the shunning of political issues.

“It’s taking it a little too far for him to say that he believes that churches in general, as a general statement, should not be involved in politics,” said Iloff.

“That’s not something he would agree with. For himself, it’s not what he’s called to do and that’s really all that he would be addressing.”

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