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Guidance counselor Alecia Henderson was teaching a fifth-grade class about bullying Wednesday at Columbus Intermediate School in Bedford. It’s about the age when kids are getting into social media, which is where you see some of the bullying problems arise.

“They post comments about someone, saying something negative or they’ll even make threats on social media,” she said, “and then they come to school and, of course, they haven’t seen each other all weekend or it happened the night before and they come to school and then there’s a problem.”

Bedford is one of the school districts trying to nip bullying in the bud, with anti-bullying programs as early as kindergarten.

The school district issued a statement Wednesday asking parents to help support efforts to keep students safe.

“One way they can do this is by monitoring their children’s social media behaviors and notifying school officials and police when they detect threatening or inappropriate activity,” the statement said.

Earlier Wednesday, the parent of a Bedford High School student was in court on charges of assaulting two students over social media conflicts with her child.

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