via phillyvoice: A Passaic County woman was allegedly assaulted and left unconscious by a 13-year-old student after she contacted school administrators about the boy bullying her son. NJ.com reported Beronica Ruiz, 35, and her 12-year-old son were allegedly attacked by the 13-year-old boy while walking home from school on June 19. Ruiz had been pushing her 1-year-old daughter […]

via BlackAmericaWeb: WHAT IS BULLYING? Bullying can take many forms, but it’s generally considered to be any behavior that is unwelcome, offensive, unsolicited, or objectionable. Bullying is characterized by: Repetition (occurs regularly) Duration (is enduring) Escalation (increasing aggression) Power disparity (the target lacks the power to successfully defend themselves) Attributed intent  WHAT ARE THERE DIFFERENT […]

via scarymommy: Hollywood tends to portray bullies as entitled little rich kids who are popular and fall prey on the beloved hero/heroine underdog in movies and television. They are good-looking, smug, and “always win” until the leading character evolves to become courageous enough to stand up to their nemesis. Everyone these days wants to break […]

via WAVE: A 10-year-old boy in Kentucky hanged himself over the weekend and his mother says it happened because he was a victim of ruthless bullying at his school. According to WAVE, Seven Bridges had a series of surgeries since his birth and as a result, he was required to wear a colostomy bag. Tami Charles […]

via News5: An Ohio father’s message about bullying has gone viral. Matt Cox’s daughter was suspended from riding the school bus on Nov. 30 due to bullying. Cox said his daughter told him that he had to drive her to school the following week, but he decided to teach her lesson instead. “I realized she viewed […]

via Cleveland19: The mother of a second grader at Memorial Elementary in Cleveland had a run-in with a school security guard last Friday, May 11. She complains he had no right to take her down when she confronted another mother over her son’s alleged bullying of her daughter. School surveillance video caught most of the […]

via sandrarose/ldnews: Northern Lebanon School District students are required to smile while walking the hallways between classes, while bullying incidents are being ignored by administrators, according to some parents and teachers. Students who don’t have a smile on their face while in the hallways between classes are told to either smile or go see a guidance […]

via PraiseBaltimore: Things are so real in the world today that even a fast food restaurants like Burger King are addressing serious issues like bullying. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, BK outdid themselves with a powerful new ad called the Bullying Jr., that may make you tear up a little. See for yourself:

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles/Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images via BlackDoctor: When it comes to cyber bullying, no one is off limits. Take Olympic Gymnist Simone Biles for example. While, the 20-year-old holds 5 Olympic medals (four of which are gold) and prides herself on being a body positive role model for children around the world. She […]

A group of 10 to 16-year-olds agreed to sit down for an honest discussion about bullying. The kids were eager to share their stories and when asked who had experienced bullying, all nine hands shot up in the air. But the next question was met with some hesitation. The question was simple: What is bullying? […]

Comedian Chris Rock’s has starred in a number of movies and toured the world in sold-out arenas. But little did we know he was bullied as a child. The bullying began when he was just in second grade. “We lived in Bed-Stuy, one of the most famous ghettos in the world,” Chris says. “My mother […]

Today, youth bullying has become a major public health issue in America. Bullying, a form of youth violence, is defined as any unwanted aggressive behavior(s) by another youth or group of youths who are not siblings or current dating partners that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance and is repeated multiple times or is highly […]