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During a 2009 NPR interview with Mary Mary I addressed criticism about their sexy fashion sense. Tina Campbell defended the group’s image, saying “I would like to think that I’m sexy. It is not my endeavor [to] entice, to cause anyone to lust.”

Recently Erica Campbell, the second half of the group, has been the focus of social media hoopla after she released a new photo on Instagram to announce her Grammy nomination. She’s wearing a figure flattering fitted dress, a pair of hot stilettos and hip-length hair extensions. This new look triggered condemnation and debate about what qualifies as acceptable attire for Christian women.

Instead of quarreling about the  dress she wore, we should be giving Mrs. Campbell kudos for being a married mother of three who is fit and fabulous, and over 40.  Campbell still has a body that could silence Kimye. Her vibrant, healthy appearance and brick house figure are a welcome juxtaposition to the obesity that is common in our churches and the gospel industry.

On the flip side,  if Campbell walked into my church wearing the dress in question I too would squirm in the pew.  But she is dressed for work (i.e., to market her product and remain current to her existing fan base and attract news one), not for worship. As a Christian I believe a woman of God can be saved and tastefully sexy. We should neither have to downplay nor hide our God-given beauty and dress like a nun to operate in God’s will.

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