The Rev. Billy Graham has been picked by Americans for the 57th time as one of their top 10 most admired men, according to Gallup’s annual survey that asks respondents to name, in an open-ended format, the man and woman from anywhere around the world who they find most admirable. Leading both lists, however, were President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said the 95-year-old Christian evangelist was “honored” to be named among the top 10 most admired men for the 57th time in the Gallup poll’s 67-year history. Graham first appeared on the list in 1955 but has never managed to snag the No. 1 spot, although he has ranked second several times.

As Gallup notes, the number one spot usually goes to the sitting president, with Obama being named by Americans as the “Most Admired Man” for the sixth consecutive year. Although 30 percent of respondents named him as their number one man in 2012, just 16 percent gave him the title this time around.

On the women’s side, Hillary Clinton was the “Most Admired Woman” among 15 percent of respondents, beating out Oprah Winfrey who placed at 6 percent. Third and fourth on the list were first lady Michelle Obama and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, both named by 5 percent of those polled.

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