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Proverbs 6:16 says there are six things God hates and seven that he absolutely detests. Among them is a

proud, snobbish look. He absolutely deplores arrogance. With that in mind, gospel recording artist Deitrick

Haddon looks to be trying to avoid God’s “hate” list in 2014.

On Tuesday morning, Jan. 14, he emerged on Twitter and posted a series of tweets on pride and then ended

with the declaration that he is personally striving to rid what he calls “spiritual cancer” from his life.

That’s a pretty good goal to have, wouldn’t you say?

Here are the six things Haddon tweeted about the sin that leads to inevitable destruction.

  • Wherever there is corruption you will find Pride! We must strive to live free of pride because nothing

    good comes from it!!


  • Pride is a spiritual cancer that devours families, destroys marriages, divide churches,corrupts

    governments! Pride is at the root of it all!


  • Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)


  • Pride is a heart filled with self-importance.


  • Pride lifts you up so you can look down on others.


  • I’m striving for a life free from pride in Jesus name!

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