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Restroom rescue: A 911 operator got a bright idea, and it ended up saving a woman from a convicted killer who carjacked her. Her instructions? Tell him you need to go to the bathroom. Michael Elliot’s a deadly, dangerous man. He was sitting in jail for 20 years for killing four people, but this past weekend, he busted out. Then he grabbed a hammer and a box cutter and used them as weapons to hijack a jeep in Michigan, and he abducted the woman driving it. But he made a mistake. He got out of the car to pay for gas, and his hostage sneaked in a call to 911. The operator told her to plea for a bathroom break, lock herself inside and not come out. It worked. Elliot banged on the door at first, but then he just drove off without the hostage. Police caught up with him in Indiana.


Thank you, sir. May I have another? First, a record amount of snow smacks New York City and parts nearby yesterday – that includes a record 8 inches in Central Park.Then a second winter storm starts dishing out punishment, and it may be even worse. It’s hitting the Plains States this morning, and it’s supposed to race through the Midwest later today, dumping about 6-10 inches. And tomorrow? Yep. NYC and its neighbors get it again – 9 inches on top of those 8 from yesterday. Here come those flight cancellations all over again, and in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has already declared a state of emergency.

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