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Sybil Wilkes: That’s a great legacy especially in this day in age in Congress where you hear about the stonewalls and how nothing is being done.

Well you’ve got to find your niche. Now I’m responsible for all the science-related funding in the country. I’ve been working on brain science. I know you’ve done some work on Alzheimer’s. We have 5 million people in this country suffering from Alzheimer’s. That is one of 500 brain diseases and we’re nowhere on any of them. I’m trying to move that forward. The President has joined me and we’re going to do this big initiate to literally reengineer the brain and understand how it works and maybe figure out how to solve some of these problems.

Sybil: If you could work on some of the brains of some of the comedians we work with here…

I don’t want anyone making any jokes on me, so I’m not going to touch that!

For more information on Rep. Fattah, go to his offcial website. 

(Photo: Chaka Fattah’s Flickr)

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