Civil Rights & Social Justice

Anti-apartheid icon Steve Biko's dedication to Black consciousness produced a wealth of quotes that remain relevant 46 years after South African police murdered him on Sept. 12, 1977. The post Steve Biko In His Own Words: Anti-Apartheid Icon’s Legendary Quotes Of Liberation appeared first on NewsOne.

Mike Huckabee said trump's indictments mean 2024 is "going to be the last American election decided by ballots rather than bullets.” The post Mike Huckabee, Republicans Threaten ‘Civil War’ Over Trump Indictments, 2024 Election appeared first on NewsOne.

Judges ruled that Alabama legislators failed to re-draw their congressional map to increase Black voting power. The post Judges Reject Alabama’s Congressional Map, Which They Said Needs To Be Less Racist appeared first on NewsOne.

After graphic bodycam video was released, the family of Ta'Kiya Young, a pregnant Black driver killed by Ohio police, wants the cops to be charged with the death of her unborn daughter, too. The post Ta’Kiya Young’s Family Wants Cop Who Shot Her Charged With Killing Unborn Daughter, Too appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The footage seemingly contradicts the initial police narrative that Ta'Kiya Young accelerated toward an officer. The post ‘You Going To Shoot Me?’ Bodycam Video Shows Ohio Cops ‘Execute’ Pregnant Black Woman appeared first on NewsOne.

From the Watts Riots to Attica Prison to Ferguson, Missouri to Los Angeles in 1991 to Minneapolis, these are some of the most notable Black uprisings in history. The post Revolution! 10 Notable Black Uprisings appeared first on NewsOne.

Let's take a look at the Black "scholars" the DeSantis administration selected to change the Black history standards in Florida. The post Op-ED: A Look At The Pitiful Black ‘Scholars’ Florida Selected For New Black History Standards appeared first on NewsOne.

NewsOne commemorates the lives and legacies of Black political prisoners who have defied oppression, fought for justice and inspired change. The post 10 Black Political Prisoners Who Transformed The Ongoing Fight For Freedom appeared first on NewsOne.

The part of California where a cop slammed a Black woman on video has been called the state's "Confederacy" where Black men were found hanging in recent years in suspected lynchings. The post Area Where Cop Brutally Slammed Black Woman Is ‘Confederacy Of California’ With Suspected Lynchings appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Kenneth Nixon was only 19 when he was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit.  The post Exonerated! Wrongly Convicted Black Folks Whose Names Have Been Cleared appeared first on NewsOne.

GoFundMe's policies are being questioned after an account for the French cop who killed an unarmed Black teen raised nearly $2 million. The post GoFundMe Policy Questioned After Nearly $2 Million Raised For French Cop Accused Of Murdering Black Teen appeared first on NewsOne.

White author Lois Banner said she wishes she was Black during the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. The post White Author Claims Her Professional Life Would Have Been Easier If She Was A Black Woman appeared first on NewsOne.