I really should have my head examined for even posting this! I used 5 filters to help this post out! I shot this pic after I took my own hair down to wash it from the braids that I wear under my wigs! Ok, I actually sat in my office and did it to get it re-braided so I can continue to wear my manage-free wigs! As you may know, when I sing, I sweat like a horse, so having to put heat in my hair everyday is not good! Well when I finally stood and looked in the mirror, I screamed bloody murder looking at my own self!

My hair is so thick, long, nappy, in three shades of black, grey and white, and about a foot and a half long uncombed! I GOT THIS ZEBRA LOOK GOING ON! SERIOUSLY VICKIE WINANS, who would even show this? Being real is one thing, but this right here will scare a child to death! So are there any suggestions as to what I should do next? I am already laughing at y’all…laughing at me! Hey, it is what it is, huh? #OhNappyDay #help Please!!!!!!!! #Istillhavetocombitout Any suggestions? This is waaay too much hair! Whew! #instantmigraine



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