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Fans of Bravo’s hit show Thicker Than Water know that breakout star Brooklyn Tankard is more than forthcoming about her checkered past – even to the point of openly disclosing her 2009 arrest for operating the Kitty Kabin Lounge, a brothel/strip club in Nashville, Tennessee.

But fans may be surprised to learn that Brooklyn has found herself on the wrong side of the law yet again. As we reported yesterday, Brooklyn was pulled over for a minor traffic offense, and a license check turned up an outstanding warrant for “failure to cause child to attend school.” According to the site, court docs reveal that Brooklyn’s 10-year-old daughter Diamond, also a regular on Thicker Than Water, had 16 unexcused absences from school and another 35 unexcused tardies.

Brooklyn sets the record straight on her recent troubles and discusses what life is really like under the microscope of reality TV.

Were you aware of the warrant for your arrest?

No. Had I been aware that my daughter’s attendance issues were becoming a legal matter, I definitely would have taken care of it.

So why did your daughter miss so much school?

Some of those days she legitimately didn’t feel well, and the absences weren’t excused because I didn’t always take her to the doctor to get a doctor’s excuse. I felt comfortable staying home to monitor my daughter’s health and allowing nature to take its course, as long as she didn’t get a high fever. If she was a newborn infant then of course I would have taken her to the doctor.

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