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If you don’t mind we’ll be leaving: Actually, Crimea, the rest of Ukraine wants you to stay. So be careful about any plans to switch over to Russia. There was a storm of, well, harsh words, after lawmakers in Crimea voted to go with their big neighbor to the east. Not so fast, Ukraine’s acting leader said. The words “not” and “legitimate” were attached to the idea of any such move by him and Western leaders. So if there is a people’s vote in 10 days on the issue, it still remains to be seen if it’ll have any real impact. And that wasn’t all on a hectic day of action in the crisis. President Obama signed an executive order that threatens sanctions against anyone who dips into Ukraine’s funds and the U.S. put travel bans (to the U.S.) on Russians it thinks are troublemakers.


Blade Runner breaks down: The doctor lived so close by that when he heard the shots he was there at Oscar Pistorius’ home in minutes. Inside, he came upon a scene that would make most people cry. The track star was bent over his girlfriend’s body and he was desperately trying to clear her airway, the doctor, Johan Stipp, testified yesterday. Pistorius told the doc, “I shot her. I thought she was a burgler and I shot her.”  As Stipp spoke in court, Pistorius bent over crying in his chair, his hands covering his face.


Think again, pic-snapping voyeurs: OK, perverts in Massachusetts, it might be OK now to shoot sneaky photos of women and their underwear. But not much longer.  After the state’s highest court ruled in favor of a man who was accused of up skirt, lawmakers responded  by writing a new law to make the lewd behavior a crime. Your governor says he’ll sign the bill.

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