Whether it is a lion in the jungle or a cell in the bloodstream, every living thing is created with instincts. Bishop T.D. Jakes believes that humans are also ingrained with instincts that are key not only to survival but also to thriving in all areas of life.

An instinct is that genetic wiring that compels us to seek food and shelter or to know something without having evidence. However, many people suppress and ignore their instincts and put their trust in facts and information alone. Past experience or fear of risk cause them to miss opportunities and leaves them feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Then there are the type of people that have learned to trust their instincts while welcoming facts and information. Balancing intellect and instinct cause these people to fulfill their potential and seize opportunities when they come their way.


Bishop Jakes explains how living in rhythm with your instincts should be as natural as a lion stalking their prey. Many people often live their lives out of sync with their instincts because they obey culture, people’s opinions, or tradition. Facts and information can easily cloud someone’s judgment and hinder them from trusting their instinctual hunches. Bishop Jakes says, “…in order to travel at our maximum velocity, we must balance the power of our intellect with the truth of our instincts.”

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