When you were younger, what did you dream of? Maybe it’s been so long you don’t remember. No matter what our age, we need to have a dream for our life. We need to have something to look forward to and work toward. And if we will trust God and do our part, we can see our dreams come to pass – even if they’ve been shattered and we need to begin again. That doesn’t mean things will always go the way we think they will, and it won’t always be easy. But when we’re determined to be faithful and diligent to do what God is calling us to do, He’ll always give us the grace and strength to keep going.

Joseph was a young man with a dream. In the dream that God gave him, Joseph saw himself as a leader and his father and brothers were bowing down to him. In reality, Joseph’s brothers were very jealous of him, and when he told them his dream, they decided to get rid of him. In fact, his own brothers threw him in a pit and then pulled him out and sold him into slavery because of it (see Genesis 37:18-28). But in Genesis 41:40, we see Joseph in a whole different situation. Pharaoh says to Joseph, “You shall have charge over my house, and all my people shall be governed according to your word [with reverence, submission, and obedience]. Only in matters of the throne will I be greater than you are.” Joseph made it to the palace – his dream came true.

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