Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams announced Tuesday their Violence and Gun Reduction Interdiction Program (VGRIP) confiscated 78 guns in 90 days.

These weapons count for nearly 1/3 of the 290 weapons seized city-wide this year.
The goal of VGRIP initiative is to reduce gun violence via fugitive sweeps, knock and talk, traffic, parole and street enforcement.
There are approximately 25 Cleveland Police Officers involved in VGRIP, along with members of ATF, FBI, OHSP, USMS, CCSO, CCPO, APA, and USAO.
Cleveland Safety Director Mike McGrath said since 2006, police strategies and partnerships are showing long-term improvement in crime stats.
VGRIP has been in effect since 2011 and to date is responsible for taking 210 guns off of our streets.
“Residents have the right to live in their communities without the fear of gun violence,” said McGrath.


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