Sometimes, Christians can make the mistake of over-spiritualizing practical matters, which can lead to destruction in our lives and hinder productivity.

When it comes to managing finances, relationships, health, business and other affairs, though we always consult God for wisdom, there is no substitute for doing the work—a lesson lifted right out of the scene of a reality TV show.

On the latest episode of WE tv’s Mary Mary, as Tina and Teddy Campbell work to reconcile their broken marriage after he confirmed multiple affairs, she called him on the carpet for being too heavenly-minded to be an earthly good, so-to-speak.

“You don’t put your faith in me,” Teddy said during one of their virtual chats while Tina was away in Australia, instructing his wife to have faith in God for the healing of their relationship.

She was in the middle of expressing that she no longer trusted him and furthermore, could not see why she should in light of his numerous hookups with other women.

Tina thought she and Teddy were happy until he came clean about his infidelity

“Teddy, I’m not married to Jesus Christ. I’m married to you,” she said in response to his pat answer. “Now you gone have to come up out—no, no, no, no—you gone have to come up out of heaven! I don’t want you to tell me God, Jesus, Lord, faith, hallelujah, ‘cause I’m not sleeping with Jesus.”

She continued, “I’m not having babies for Jesus. I’m not making breakfast for Jesus. I’m not going out on dates with Jesus. It’s you Teddy.”

Though Tina affirmed her faith in the Lord, she noted her lack of faith in a husband who had proven himself disloyal.

“I can trust God and believe God, and I can forgive and all this kind of stuff, but staying with you, believing you, and being able to trust you is where my challenge is coming in.”


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