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On ABC’s “The View” comedian and actress Sherri Shepherd shares the spotlight with women who rarely agree, but performing her stand-up at her first Joyfest at Carowinds May 24 she’ll be surrounded by like-minded Christians.

She’ll serve up comic relief along with host Bone Hampton on a bill that includes gospel heavyweights Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann, Grammy-winner Lecrae and fellow Christian rapper Humble Tip, and television personality and pastor Dr. Larry Reid and the Breakthrough Singers.

“I’m excited,” Shepherd says of her inaugural Joyfest. She’s already a fan. Franklin and Mann both visited “The View” for her birthday. Joyfest also offers Shepherd a chance to play up her faith.

“You have so many people of faith coming to see these artists specifically, I can do more material about faith than I would do at a comedy club. When I say the phrase ‘going through the fire’ at a comedy club, the crowd’s thinking ‘Is that a Richard Pryor thing?’ ” she says with a chuckle.

“I can use lingo without having to explain. When I talk about marriage and that I believe in submission and I just don’t want a man telling me what to do – people get that joke more than the secular crowd. Christians hear the word submission and don’t get as upset – go ahead and mop that floor, girl! I’ll be able to scream ‘I love Jesus’ without offending somebody in the audience.”

“In front of a bunch of believers, I get to highlight things that are quirky to me in the Christian world and talk about my relationship with God. This is stuff I do with my friends all the time. God has an amazing sense of humor. Half the time he’s just laughing at me.”

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