Bad news guys. That ‘Waiting To Exhale’ sequel we have been looking forward to may never happen.

According to Sister 2 Sister reports:

If the A Day Late and a Dollar Short author had to gamble with that money, Terry McMillan would bet there will be no Waiting to Exhale sequel coming to the big screen.

I don’t think that’s going to happen. I really don’t,” Terry told Sister 2 Sister. “It’s been horrible since Whitney [Houston] passed away for a whole lot of reasons. Fox wanted to basically eliminate that character altogether from the story. How they thought that was going to work, I don’t know.”

Talk of a sequel to the 1995 film began before Whitney’s untimely passing in 2012. However, without the megastar around to reprise her role as Savannah, Terry said it’s unlikely the movie would have been as big a hit as the studio wanted. However, Terry’s not so sure.

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