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Bishop T.D. Jakes recently joined Larry King for a spirited discussion on race, religion and politics on Larry King Now.

King asked Jakes what he saw to be instinct and why a religious person would advocate following it.

“The people who really shattered the glass ceiling were people who did it from their gut,” Jakes said. “That they did it instinctively, they broke the rules, took the risk and went ahead to be authentically them.”

Jakes further explained that people mistake instinct for emotions, society’s influence and other urges. He defines instinct as “how the manufacturer” (or how God) “made you.”

“Your ability to be artistic or prolific as a writer” might not line up with what you do to make a living, he said, but in some capacity, these “categories” are “what you are designed to do.” Jakes cautions people, “Don’t lose sight of who you are as an individual,” especially when work and family life require us “to wear different hats.”

“‘Busy’ does not mean that you are ‘producing,’” Jakes said, in regard to social media. He argued that the majority of modern technology—from electricity to trains—was “done by people who had moments to think. You’d be surprised what you can hear when you shut up.” He recommended people find quiet and “hit the reset button” to get in touch with their inner instinct and who they really are.

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