It’s kind of like looking for treasure while it’s right of front you. Arriving in town recently to shoot his latest film, ‘Criminal Activities’, John Travolta had a set of ten rings delivered to him to personally inspect for just-the-right-look while shooting scenes Tuesday and Wednesday.

Local jeweler Evan DeWitt said crews came into his humble store, DeWitt’s Jewelry, located in the Colonial Arcade on Euclid Avenue detailing what Travolta’s character might wear as a “subtle gangster.”

“It’s amazing that a little mom and pop shop like mine is affected by the movie industry coming to Cleveland. I’m humbled. It’s incredible,” said DeWitt.

Word-of-mouth from other local film crews, as well as famous athletes and musicians, have helped DeWitt gain a reputation for his vast inventory of unique custom jewelry he designs and creates himself, plus high-end jewelry from famous brand-name jewelers that finds its way into his vaults.

Delivering the goods for the Avengers shot last year in Cleveland, DeWitt found himself as the recipient of top-quality, Hollywood movie industry references this week after a Criminal Activities costumes department representative walked through the door.

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