Many take a look at what Pastor T.D. Jakes has done over the span of his life and say he’s the definition of successful–not perfect–but successful. Jakes is co-founder of The Potter’s House, a church and humanitarian organization that attracts more than 30,000 members. The spiritual leader has expanded his brand to produce movies, release Grammy award-winning music, host BET’s Mind, Body & Soul talk show, and selling more than 20 million books (in total), producing $115 million in revenues. But Jakes has had his fair share of learning to get to this point. Fortunate for us, he shares some of those life lessons with us.

In his newly published book, Instinct, Jakes dedicates a chapter to leading. Here are seven quotes from the book that highlight his philosophy:

1. “Unfortunately, much of what I see today isn’t about fulfilling one’s true potential as much as it is about appearing to fulfill what other people expect.”

2. “We instinctively know how to lead if we allow ourselves. …When instincts are ignored, leaders become followers, and followers become unemployed.”

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