Sasha Obama is officially a teenager! The youngest of the first daughters turns 13 today and we can’t believe how fast she has blossomed before our eyes.

Sasha isn’t the pint-sized kid that stole our hearts on the campaign trail back in 2008, but she’s just as cute. In fact, we’ve been digging her personal style for awhile now. The middle-schooler’s shoe game is amazing, she mixes prints like a pro and her penchant for bold colors makes for some awesomely eye-catching looks.

If Sasha’s past 6 years of looks while residing in the White House are any indication of the years to come, then she’s in for a fierce and fashionable future. And it doesn’t hurt that she scores hand-me-downs from big sister Malia and will someday have direct access to the mother of all closets — Michelle Obama’s killer collection of clothes.

So, in celebration of Sasha’s 13th birthday we’ve rounded up some of her best fashion moments that definitely prove she’ll be the most stylish teenager ever!

    • Tutus are the jam (always)!
    • She knows how to successfully pull together unexpected pieces.
    • Power Clashing: The stripes edition

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