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Jaden Newman (pictured) is a 9-year-old shot caller on the courts who received bookoo attention for playing on her school’s varsity high school basketball team while still in the fourth grade.  Now the little hoopster is being recruited by the University of Miami’s women’s basketball program, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Newman’s University of Miami recruitment letter was preceded by a phone call to her parents by the school’s assistant coach Derrick Gibbs. Newman, who is coached by her dad, Jamie, was the point person whom the school spoke.

On June 10, Newman, who attends the Downey Christian School in Orlando, visited the Florida university where she toured the campus and basketball program’s facilities.

Jaden just might be the youngest athlete ever to be formally recruited by a major university.

But shes not the only star in the family with basketball prowess. The b-ball dynamo, who averages 14.8 points and 7.5 assists per game, has a brother, Julian, who’s also a great elementary basketball player. Both children have been trained by their dad, who maintains a vigorous training schedule for the children when they are out of school.

Even though the University of Miami is a great sports school, Jaden may have her eyes set on Connecticut, according to Star. Oh well, who knows? It certainly can’t hurt for the University of Miami to try and change her mind three years in advance.

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