You hear the commercials for the latest, greatest mobile devices all the time: 

Tablets, smart phones, little tiny super-spy Inspector Gadget style wrist watch. Here’s the thing: the people who are buying these devices, are very, very connected; and you need your business to be connected to them.

Mobile marketing is a must. Sometimes the abundance of techniques are overwhelming. Mobile optimization, SEO, geo-targeting, it can get excessivesometimes; but it’s worth it. Don’t let a common misunderstanding keep you from embracing mobile marketing. From the age of email still being alive, to QR codes, and the effectiveness of social media in specific demographics, here are 10 Common Misunderstandings About Mobile Marketing

Source: Big Marketing Small Business

Radio One together with Radiate Media provide a way to target your customers through mobile optimized websites that are integrated with social media and have the power to target your customers when, and where you want.

To learn more about what we can do to market your business through more than just radio, contact Integrated Marketing Manager Sam Prewitt using the information below.

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