*While many of us grilled out and celebrated our country’s freedom on July 4 with fireworks, Malia Obama entered a new phase of her life as the holiday marked her 16th birthday.

And with that, the Daily Mail reports that the first daughter received a new car. Specifics on the vehicle’s make, model and color were not immediately disclosed.

Despite having her own car, it will be a minute before Malia can officially drive on her own. In Washington, D.C., a 16-year-old can receive a learner’s permit, but an adult must be present in the front seat at all times when the young driver is behind wheel. In addition, the Mail mentions that Malia can only be on the road during certain hours.

Giving DC residents a heads up, First Lady Michelle Obama joked in February about how scary Malia may be as a driver.

“Ladies and gentlemen in D.C., watch out!” Mrs. Obama joked. “Malia Obama on the road—kinda frightening.”

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